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How to transform your home library

The home library is a treasure that everyone should have in the home. Usually, it is an integral part of the interior of the living room – the room in which we feel most comfortable with a book after a long day. If you remained a high and blank wall into the living room, it will become a wonderful library. The colors of the books in conjunction with decorative elements will add warmth and variety in space. In modern homes often you can see bookshelves that separate the living room from the dining room, for example, or perform any other functional role. It is important at the outset to determine the purpose of your cabinet and to consider whether it would be only for books or it will be a place for other family jewels.

Idea 1: Paint the wall behind the library

If the walls in your living room in a light and pastel colors, and your home library was opened and built only from shelves, you could put an interesting accent to the interior. Choose a bright color and paint the wall behind the shelves, arrange books and leave a little space between and above them.

Idea 2: Paint the library from all sides

If the model of your library is closed and you want to give it a personal touch, paint the shelves, upper, side and rear sides. Consider shades of other colors in the interior and remember the rule, which uses two basic colors and one for an accent.

Idea 3: Tape paper on back of the cabinet

The possibilities for refreshment of old book cabinet do not stop here. You can always use your imagination or laminated rear section with colored paper or wallpaper with geometric patterns.

Idea 4: Arrange books by color

Once you have prepared the basis of your library, or it was left in its original form, it’s time to arrange the book heritage. Distribute the covers in colors and create the effect of a colorful rainbow. Besides mood, this technique will create a greater sense of order.

Idea 5: Create creative color effect

If you have a little more patience, desire and free time, you can make another step forward in this direction. Once you allocate covers in colors, arrange the books of the pale to the most saturated hue

Idea 6: Bind the books with paper

If you like the monochrome interior equipped with several rolls of wrapping paper and bind books in the selected color. You will achieve great retro effect if possible using kraft paper.

Idea 7: Balancing books and decorative elements

If you remain free space on the shelves of the library, balance with decorative elements. Arrange vases, figurines, souvenirs or family photos around the books. Do not forget symmetry – it creates a feeling of beauty and peaceful atmosphere in the interior.

Idea 8: Leave blank space

When you decorate the book section, be sure to leave a little space between objects. Thus, on the one hand, you will create a clean and minimalist appearance, the other – the room will seem slightly spacious.


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How To: Cleaning the Christmas Day’s Mess

It is charming and, oh, so lovely

The entire family is gathering together, exchanging gifts and presents. Everybody is wearing a Christmas jumper. The smiles are wide. The laughs loud and the happiness perfect. The hearts are full of joy and the eyes are sparkling. There is magic in Christmas and it is not the Father Christmas and the reindeers, but it is all about the love and the commitment that are so perfectly wonderful.milk-1769129_640 So the Christmas lunch is over. The plates are empty and so are the glasses. And one by one the so loved and favourite people are leaving the house and going to another festive place to celebrate with other people they love so much. And right before you can leave, as well, you need to sort out that mess in a minimum amount of time and to make your house ready for other guests.


In any other day, you have the entire time on Earth, but today you have to be so damn fast. That’s why you better start decluttering the most obvious things while the house is still full of people and crowded. Gather all the pieces of wrapping paper that are somewhere on the floor and put everyone’s presents in nice bags.

Wash the dishes

Luckily, we all have dishwashers now and after 20 have had a lunch together you won’t have to cope with the dishes in hours. So put them in the machine and those that cannot be placed there clean by yourself. Make sure that you will do this in advance, so that when more people come over, you will be all ready.

Arrange everything nicely

Those pillows on the couch are mess and the carpet is not like it has to be. Arrange them now.

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