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By Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa

Transcript of talks given through Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche on the moment Vajradhatu Seminary, Snowmass Village 1974.

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But somebody didn't become enlightened and still was follower of the path. Therefore, you can do it. a lyleditation is very important at this point. You can't keep basic sila, basic discipline, without the practice of meditation. The process of meditation brings out the details of the four types of aggregates in one's mind and brings out their positive aspects as well. That's why our lineage is known for tough people, great meditators like Milarepa and Marpa. Maybe they are not such tough people.

So I think you will have enormous insights during His Holiness' visit. Keep that in mind. Q: What will the scheduling be for us just prior to the visit? Will we be in a nyinthun? 22 R: Still a nyinthun. That's great. Maybe we could show His Holiness, and see how His Holiness reacts to sitting practice, which is somewhat American-style. In Tibet, groups of people don't actually practice shamatha this way. This is borrowed from the Zen tradition. So it will be very inspiring. Maybe he could watch you over your shoulders [laughter J • I hope you'll be able to prepare for His Holiness' visit.

That is how one has to regard the rest of the things which come up during sitting, except for the breath itself, the body itself, and awareness of the body and breath. Apart from tho~e, anything which comes up has to be somewhat excluded as just extra paraphernalia. Q: In talking about the second aggregate, you spoke of the potential of awareness being there. Do you mean the potential of awareness, or awareness itself? Because as you were saying that, it occurred to me that from the time we were kids, there were moments of unobstructed awareness coming in, the kind of seeing that in the chaos of consciousness you in fact avoid.

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