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Beading's not just sizzling with adults—children like it too. In reference to the PBS arms on Crafts for children tv express comes a suite of straightforward and engaging beading tasks for children 10 and up. younger beaders can make a choice from 60 useful and ornamental goods, together with lovely jewellery (bracelets, chokers), attention-grabbing room décor (pillows, a lampshade), and private add-ons (flip-flops, a worldly taking a look jewellery box). Easy-to-follow diagrams clarify find out how to string the beads, connect clasps, and tie knots. children will get pleasure from hours of artistic pleasure—and they'll think proud to teach off their handiwork.

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This choker was created with elastic cord. It is important to use strong cord that will allow you to stretch the choker over your head. Test the cord first. If the cord will not stretch far enough, you will need to add a spring ring or barrel clasp. A Step 3 Repeat Step 2 to the length you need as shown in Diagram B below. Tie both cord ends together, using a double knot. Trim off the cord ends and place a dab of glue on the knots. Let dry. 31 Woven Wire Bracelet & Choker Set by DIMPLES MUCHERINO You Will N Step 1 eed Bend the melon-colored wire into a “U” shape.

Make a small loop by twisting the wire several times as shown in Diagram A below. You Will N eed • Pewter heart charm • (20") 24-gauge blue plastic-coated wire • (20") 24-gauge pink plastic-coated wire Step 2 A Bend the white-colored wire in half and twist it onto the pink-colored wire, beginning below the loop as shown in Diagram B below. • (20") 24-gauge white plastic-coated wire • Jump ring B • Chain-nose pliers • Wire cutters Step 3 Repeat Step 2 with the blue-colored wire as shown in Diagram C below.

Step 5 String the remaining crimp bead onto the wire, then thread the wire through the ring on the other side of the clasp and back through the crimp bead. Crimp the bead and trim off the wire ends. Step 6 Tie the twine to the ring on the clasp, then trim off the twine ends. Place a dab of glue on the trimmed ends of the twine to keep them from fraying. Let dry. Step 7 Fasten the clasp. 51 Turquoise Nugget Choker by PATTY COX You Will N eed • (2) 4mm silver metal beads Step 1 String one crimp bead onto the beading wire, then thread the wire through the ring on the clasp and back through the crimp bead as shown in Diagram A below.

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