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Could I write a book? - even about myself, the truth you know.. ‘ ‘It’s been done before. ’ I promised to bring Maurice a binder (having the symbol of being sanctioned to write privately and as one pleased was very important) and the next morning brought a dozen to school. I explained to the entire class that some children wanted to write their own books and that the binders were available for anybody who cared to write. I also explained that though I was available to help or to read their work for pleasure, still the books were their private property - the author’s control over his work would be respected completely.

And their were people in chairs rolling around, people in beds and people walking around with trays with food or medicine on it. There was people rolling people in bed and there were people bleeding crying yelling or praying I was put at a window with other babies so my father could see me their was a big glass and lots of people round me so I could see a lot of black shapes. And since I was a baby I tried to go through the glass but I didn’t succeed. All the people kept looking I got scared and cryed soon the nurse came and took all the babies back to their mothers.

And the stars went inside of the Hot Spot “It sure is an hot spot’ joked Elvis. Soon Murry the K was on stage. His show (the show he was broadcasting on) was an oldie but Goodie show. The small club was packed. Extra chairs were in the club. ’ Joey and the starlighters sang the perpermint twist. Then Murry the K introduced Elvis Presly. He sang his new hit song Girls Girls Girls. One Raider came in and put a dime hi the record machine. Then he played palaside Park. That intoraped the singing. And everyone was annoyed.

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