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By Howard W. French

Africa first captivated New York instances journalist Howard W. French greater than twenty-five years in the past, yet his wisdom of and keenness for the continent has the intensity of a life-time organization. His stories there woke up him as not anything earlier than to the selfishness and shortsightedness of the wealthy, the anguish and dignity of the bad and the makes use of and abuses of energy. And during this powerfully written, profoundly felt ebook, he offers us an unstinting account of the disastrous outcomes of the fateful, centuries-old come upon among Africa and the West.

French delineates the betrayal and greed of the West–often aided and abetted by means of Africa’s personal leaders–that have given upward thrust to the expanding exploitation of Africa’s ordinary assets and its people. Coarse self-interest and outright greed as soon as generated a necessity for the continent’s rubber, cotton, gold and diamonds, let alone slaves; now the points of interest contain offshore oil reserves and minerals like coltan, which powers mobile phones.

He takes us inside of Nigeria, Liberia, Mali and the Congo, studying with strange perception the legacy of colonization within the lives of latest Africans. He seems on the tragedies of the AIDS epidemic, the Ebola outbreak and the genocide that ended in hundreds of thousands of deaths in Rwanda and the Congo. He makes transparent the systematic failure of Western political leaders–the nurturers of tyrants similar to Mobuto Sese Seko and Laurent Kabila, whose tales are instructed right here in complete detail–and the brutal excesses of the CIA.

In assisting us to higher comprehend the continent, and certainly Africans themselves, French is helping us see in addition the wish and probability that lie within the myriad cultural strengths of Africa.

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