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These stress changes are in some cases predictable, but not in others. The attachment of suffixes to disyllabic roots, for instance, may result in different stress patterns without any phonological conditioning being apparent. It has to be learned along with the root whether the stress pattern changes when a suffix is added. In addition to this, suffixes differ in how they influence the stress pattern of the root or stem they attach to. CV and thus also increases the number of syllables of a word.

There were two reasons for this: firstly, I did not want to choose one particular orthography over the others as long as the decision has not been made by the speech community. To choose one of the existing orthographies would look like that orthography was somehow better than the others. While I do prefer digraphs to diacritics and slanted letters because they are easier to produce in handwriting and, in a language without consonant clusters, also easily recognized, both the Anglican and the Catholic orthographies are consistent and fully functional in themselves.

20 2. 3: Vowel phonemes and the diphthong There is free variation between allophones of /i/, /e/, /o/ and /u/. • /i/ high front unrounded vowel → [i] ∼ [I] ∼ [1] • /e/ mid front unrounded vowel → [e] ∼ [E] ∼ [@] • /a/ low central unrounded vowel → [a] • /o/ mid back rounded vowel → [o] ∼ [O] • /u/ high back rounded vowel → [u] ∼ [U] In addition, non-phonemic nasalization of vowels is found when they are preceded or followed by nasals. There is no contrast between long and short vowels. g. mi [mi:] ‘fish’ and tu [tu:] ‘midrib of a palm leaf’, at least when uttered in isolation.

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