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By Abhinavagupta, Rājānaka.; Bäumer, Bettina

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The Paratrisika Vivarana by way of the nice Kashmiri thinker and mystic Abhinavagupta is an in depth observation at the Paratrisika Tantra, and it's some of the most profound texts, not just of non-dualist Kashmir Saivism, yet of Indian philosophy and mysticism commonly. the current paintings makes an attempt to make this tough textual content available, by means of culling out the $64000 subject matters and providing an interpretation. the main target is at the figuring out of absolutely the (Anuttara) and the how one can are aware of it. The relevant topic of mantra additionally results in a mysticism of language with its philosophical implications. some of these reflections and practices are inscribed within the concept that “everything is expounded to the totality”, “every half includes the complete of truth” (sarvam sarvatmakam). it really is this holistic imaginative and prescient of Abhinavagupta, in accordance with the Tantras, which makes this paintings so proper in our occasions of fragmented facets of lifestyles and information looking for integration. without doubt, within the view of the Tantra and of Abhinavagupta, language and mantra give you the key.

This attention-grabbing booklet is a crucial contribution to stories and interpretations on Kashmir Saivism, its spirituality and philosophy, and on Abhinavagupta in particular.

Dr. Bettina Baumer, indologist from Austria and Professor of spiritual experiences (Visiting Professor at a number of universities), residing and dealing in Varanasi when you consider that 1967, is the writer and editor of a few books and over 50 study articles. Her major fields of analysis are non-dualistic Kashmir Saivism, Indian aesthetics, temple structure and non secular traditions of Orissa, and comparative mysticism. She has been Coordinator of the Indira Gandhi nationwide Centre for the humanities, Varanasi, and Fellow, Indian Institute of complicated learn, Shimla. She has translated vital Sanskrit texts into German and English.

Dr. Andre Padoux, Paris, is without doubt one of the most popular students on Tantra, Kashmir Saivism, and mantrasastra.

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V. 25), introducing the central mantra: hrdayabfja, "the seed of the heart" (SAVI;I). He stresses the import of the Tantra which leads to 83. See Introduction to the KSTS edition of the Laghuvrtti. 84. kenapyarvaCfnena pa1JQitena viracita kapi tfkii ya tenacaryabhinavaguptakrteti prakhyapitii mahiitmyavardhanarthamasya� . . (Pariitrfsikiilaghuvrtti�), 2005, pp. 375-76. ss • It is precisely by the mantra (SAUI:I) that the meditation of Para can be recognised, beyond ritual and iconic worship. 87 Since he has attained enlightenment from his guru, Abhinavagupta, it is also clear that he received from him the initiation into the (mantra of) Para.

48. Cf. PTV concluding verse 18, p. 105. 49. The three siddhis of Utpaladeva are: Ajaqapramiitrsiddhi, Isvarasiddhi, Sambandhasiddhi. Cf. A. Sanderson, The Saiva Exegesis of Kashmir, p. 129. I have tried to connect these two sides of his work in my Introduction to Sivastotriivalr of Utpaladeva, Exposition by Swami Lakshman Joo, pp. 1-18. SO. Fragments have been found and published by R. Torella (see Bibliography). • • 26 I ABHINAVAGUPTA'S HERMENEUTICS OF THE ABSOLUTE •• The position of this commentary in Abhinavagupta's works on the Trika has already been stated.

See Bibliography. 73 See Bibliography. , INTRODUCTION I 33 archives, for the curiosity and enjoyment of a few and waiting for better times to come. 74 (emphasis mine) In fact, Gnoli's Introduction is the only attempt so far75 for an understanding of the entire text, apart from the thematic studies by A. Padoux and P. Muller-Ortega (the latter conditioned by the Laghuvrtti). Hence there is the need for a detailed study and interpretation, going into the major themes and sub-themes of both, Tantra and Vivara1Ja, with the hope to throw light on the depth of thought and experience expressed therein.

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