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Real muscle--real quickly, not anything beats complicated Max Contraction education!

"Groundbreaking. this is often actually an important discovery that may reason body structure books to be rewritten." -- Ironman magazine

"[John Little's] equipment . . . will lead to genuine, significant, and sustainable actual effects and should aid construct a self assurance on your personal talents that might permeate into all parts of your life." --Anthony Robbins, top functionality trainer and writer of wake up the large inside of

"This education technique has started to stimulate our pondering in completely new directions." -- Muscle & health

"Don't be shocked in case you see massive leads to simply 3 exercises! that is how stable the program is." -- Muscular improvement

Get large in checklist time!

With Omega Set education you could achieve up to 18 kilos of lean, demanding muscle in as low as four weeks--without fad diets, vitamins, or anabolic medicines. Taking bodybuilding pioneer John Little's Max Contraction education to a complete new point of depth, this science-based approach is particularly engineered for complicated bodybuilders who call for effects measured in kilos and inches of natural muscle.

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The result is that most trainees will in fact get stronger and stronger— but it takes many such strength increases to produce a discernable increase in the cross-sectional thickness of a muscle. That’s why you have to stay at it for the long term and why no one can become Mr. Olympia just overnight. Another “energy” factor that militates against gaining inordinately large muscles is a law of physics: An organism radiates heat in proportion to its mass, and heat radiation is a form of energy dissipation—which, again, the body adamantly resists unless absolutely necessary.

My guess is that the effect is attributable to the loss of water that attends the burning of glycogen stores within the various muscles, as opposed to an actual loss of contractile protein or tissue. Water represents 72 percent of a muscle’s mass, and water bonds to glycogen molecules at a ratio of three grams of water for every one gram of glycogen, so it’s reasonable to infer that as glycogen stored within a muscle is burned for energy, the water that bonds to these molecules leaves the body, thus diminishing the actual “mass,” or lean content, of the body to a marked degree.

For example, if your biceps grow to twice The human body is an organism that has survived owing to its proclivity to store energy. Inordinately intense physical effort is needed to cause the body to deviate from this course and produce bigger muscles—which require more energy to sustain than do smaller muscles. their present size, your biceps’ heat capacity will have increased by 2 ϫ 2 ϫ 2 (or 8), cost of keeping that new muscle alive, and while your cooling efficiency will have you can see that from a conservation-of- increased by only 2 ϫ 2 (or 4), so your energy perspective, your body would much cooling efficiency will be reduced by 50 rather you stay the way you are now—with percent.

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