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With usa involvement in Afghanistan, wisdom of the rustic is vital. This "handbook" explains a couple of uncomplicated matters that are supposed to be within the wisdom "toolbox" of a Marine operating with Afghanis or deployed to the rustic.

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As Allah’s final message to mankind, it is the holy book that supercedes all others: the Old Testament, the Gospels, etc. Form and Content The Qur’an is a collection of surahs or chapters, many of which you might call verses. • Muhammad received the surahs from Allah. Scribes selected by Muhammad usually wrote down these verses. Sometimes they wrote on wood, trees, parchment, and even stones. Many followers also memorized the Qur’an by heart. • In later years, the Qur’an was recopied and refined; accents and markings for reading were added.

MUHAMMED ATIF aka SUBHI ABU-SITTAH, who is nominal chief of staff of the network and its brightest military brain. He comes from the Egyptian Jihad Islami • IMAD MUGHNIYEH, the former Lebanese Hizballah hostage-taker and bomber, who is in charge of the combined terrorist campaign around the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Europe and Israel. Throughout the World On top of the 3,500 hard core commanders and 110,000 Afghan and Pakistani troops, Al Qaeda retains another 6400 commanders in 12 centers: North America, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Kosovo, Algeria, Chechenya, Tadjikistan and all the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, the Philippines, Egypt, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Interacting with the Local Population Some of the people we took as detainees were absolutely scared of us. Based on our physical size and appearance, they would become almost hysterical, but with a little show of kindness on our part, they willingly told us many tidbits of information: All we had to do was give them a Koran and let them know when it was prayer time. All of a sudden we discovered that one of them could speak English. • These people knew which group controlled what area; they would claim allegiance to both so that they could have unfettered access to both areas.

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