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By Timothy M. Shaw, Olajide Aluko

This booklet offers an unique and demanding review of Africa's different political economies which takes into consideration modern crises, present analyses, ancient insights, and projected difficulties. as well as treating new facts, it proposes a unique framework for research inclusive of category coalitions in addition to contradictions and emphasizes department in addition to co-operation in the bourgeoisie and proletariat.

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See for example, Tony Smith, 'The Underdevelopment of Development Literature: The Case of Dependency Theory', World Politics 31(2) 1979, 24 7-88; Pat McGowan and David Smith, 'Economic Dependency in Black Africa: An Analysis of Competing Theories', International Organisation 32(1) 1978, 179-235, and Pat McGowan, 'Economic Development and Economic Performance in Black Africa', Journal of Modern African Studies 14(1) 1976, 25-40. Bill Warren, 'Imperialism and Capitalist Industrialisation', New Left Review, 81, September-October 1973,39.

CONCLUSION: THE PARADOX OF WEAKNESS AND CONSOLIDATION OF THE MODERN AFRICAN STATE In discussing the variety of ways in which the role and function of the state in Africa has been perceived in the post-colonial period, this chapter has deliberately sidestepped the essentially philosophical nature of much contemporary analysis of the state as it has evolved in Western social and political theory from Machiavelli and Hobbes through a latter-day theorists of the state such as Miliband and Poulantzas.

The dominant class in Africa or fractions thereof, it was being argued, could in fact use state power for its own purposes and not just simply for the benefit of international capital. In retrospect such an interpretation would appear self-evident, yet to accept such an assumption, is not, ipso facto, to accept that the way is open for development in Africa centred on the resurgent economic nationalism of a growing bourgeoisie. Rather, as Anne Phillips has noted: The discovery that there is a national bourgeoisie in Africa, that it is capable of capital accumulation, that it is not necessarily restricted to 'comprador' activities such as commerce or construction, could after all mean no more than that Africa will be able to achieve the same form of underdevelopment as Latin America.

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