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By Ton Dietz et al.

With the top of the chilly conflict, the realm appeared to flow from a bipolar to a unipolar approach, with the neoliberal West globally enforcing its legislation. even if, it's been stated that different actors, equivalent to China, India and Brazil, became more and more influential, supporting to steer to a brand new multipolarity on the worldwide point. The query of what this rising multipolarity skill for Africa is necessary. Will Africa develop into beaten in a mounting fight over uncooked fabrics and political hegemony among superpowers and fall sufferer to a brand new scramble for Africa? Or does this new historical conjuncture supply African nations and teams better room for negotiation and manoeuvring, ultimately resulting in more advantageous democracy and more desirable progress? The chapters during this quantity provide nutrients for concept on how Africas engagements with the realm are at present being reshaped and revalued, and, importantlyon whose phrases?

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From 1976 until the present, a period of 35 years, China has provided technological and other guidance to TAZARA through so-called Chinese railway expert teams (CRETs) on two-to-three-year contracts based in Tanzania. The number of advisors in such teams has declined gradually from nearly 1,000 during 1976-8 to around 200 during the period 1989-92, to the current level of seven advisors during 2007-12. The chapter shows the commitment and consistency of Chinese support to TAZARA over time, even in periods when technical assistance to Tanzania from other regions, such as the Nordic countries, 22 TON DIETZ ET AL.

The relevant literature frames the issues pertaining to NEPAD in terms of neocolonialism and subordination of Africa to the West (Adediji 2002). According to Bond (2005a), the political actors behind NEPAD are ‘bourgeois intermediaries’ of global capital, and NEPAD itself is a South African national economic policy writ large. While acknowledging the merits of these arguments, this brief article attempts to show the deeper ramifications of NEPAD in terms other than a superior-subordinate or intermediary relationship.

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