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By Y. Alex-Assensoh

Africa's former colonial masters, together with nice Britain; France, Portugal and Spain, informed participants and leaders of a number of the colonial defense force to be politically non-partisan. but, the modern day military at the continent, made from the military, Police, Air strength and army, became so politicized that many nations in Africa are at the present time governed or have already been governed by means of army dictators via coups d'etat, sometimes for reliable purposes because the ebook issues out. This ebook strains the historical-cum-political evolution of those occasions, and what bodes for Africa, the place the endless army incursions into partisan politics are involved.

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Beyan of Youngstown State University, Ohio, offered a major perspective in his 1991 study, which showed the admixture of the development of political, economic, as well as religious institutions in his birth country. ”90 Beyan and officials of the American Colonization Society (ACS) have documented that it was in November of 1817 that the society appointed Reverend Samuel J. 93 Although Christianity and Islam became the dominant religions in several areas of Africa, it is also a fact that the indigenous African populations, often referred to negatively as “natives”, had their own traditional religions within the context of animism, not necessarily the same thing as paganism.

103 The Americo-Liberians wanted to make sure that their American values, particularly where the Christian religion was concerned, were made manifest so that the “natives” that they came to rule would benefit from and adopt their values (among these natives were such ethnic or tribal groups as the Kru, Krahn, Kpelle, Vai, and Grebo). At least the imposition of the Christian religion on the natives helped make life a lot easier for all, as Nigeria’s first indigenous president, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, in his pioneering 1934 study on Liberia, confirmed several aspects of the foregoing details.

79 An essay by Michael Amoah, a sociologist and theologian from Ghana, showed the early deep roots of both Christianity and Islam. He wrote: In the period before the 14th century, Christian activity on the African continent declined (although not to zero) because of the advent of Islam as the politico-religious power and dominant ideology. 80 To Amoah, Africa deserves credit, for embracing various religions, especially Christianity. Hence, it is not surprising that religious issues have tended to take on sensitive and serious meanings in many places on the continent.

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