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For example, when word down off came the investigate what Russian or thirty miles. had no sooner had happened. Clark replied, Force headquarters, ten minutes. of our coast near we members had Air Force reconnaissance Fighters a report was expecting headquarters aircraft Vladivostok. received that an attack. " surface example you He issued ships of how were the go get off to one to Fifth Air Force just as Clark walked Morning, " when Barcus pointed out can distance shot launched Word came said, "Good " Jocko, short were been boat said, a very the one day had in a rubber Barcus "You're That's to be in Fifth one and the pilot crew twenty in.

In Operation Strangle, Allied bombers pounded the Italian transportation system, attempting to cut the flow of supplies to the Italian front. Right: Railroad yards at Pisa, Italy were twisted and mangled by Allied bombs. Below: Ships and port facilities at Naples took direct hits from the Fifteenth Air Force. 35 Major General I"artridge, FEAF Commander, and his deputy, Maj. Gen. Laurence C. Craigie, pose for photographers beside a wing-tip fuel tank, especially developed for the F-80. 44 AIR INTERDICTION , %%~,,~,""~ An F-80 Shooting Star takes off for a mission fuel tanks on the wings Partridge: give the aircraft over Korea, additional combat December 1950, The enlarged range.

Vogt posed with his aircraft, the P-47 he flew during the Normandy Invasion. , "' Brig. Gen. "Pat" Partridge served in two key positions in North Africa: as Operations Officer and Chief of Staff of 12th Bomber Command and then as Chief of Staff of Fifteenth Air Force. " t: " 0 U conducted for the most part by the tactical air forces with the bombardment forces helping when there were larger targets to hit. We employed whatever type of bombing we could. The factors that bore upon the success or failure of these endeavors were multiple.

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