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5. Summary Spectroscopic ellipsometry and Raman scattering were shown to be well suited for investigation of the growth mode of Sb layers with thicknesses in the monolayer range as well as for thick layers. Both methods indicate that the growth mode is firstly amorphous until a critical thickness is reached where crystallisation occurs. Ellipsometry reveals that the dielectric function depends on the layer thickness even after the crystallisation. The bulk properties of the layers are reached when the thicknesses are in the range of 40 nm.

192(1990)219. [34] L. Ley, J. L. Johnson, in: Proc. 17th Int. Conf. on the Physics of Semiconductors, Eds. D. A. Harriso (Springer, New York, 1985) p. 811. H. R. Doyle, M. He and A. Gallagher, J. Appl. Phys. 64. (1988) 188. [36] Y. Toyoshima, K. Arai, A. Matsuda and K. Tanaka, Appl. Phys. Lett. 57 (1990) 1028. [37] G. Lucovsky, Solid State Commun. 29 (1979) 571. Applied Surface Science 63 (1993) 35-39 North-Holland applied surface science Growth mode of ultrathin Sb layers on Si studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry and Raman scattering U.

5. Using this preparation condition, the etching effect is found very strong, at least during the first few cycles (see fig. 5). 3. Oxidation mechanisms of a-Si:H a-Si:H films prepared by PECVD are generally found more resistant against air oxidation than c-Si. After a few weeks of air exposure the o a-Si: H surface is covered by a 5-10 A thick oxide film [31-33]. More generally, a-Si:H surfaces are much less reactive than most bare crystals. These trends can possibly be attributed to the presence of a very thin hydrogen-rich layer (one or two monolayers) located at the free surface of a-Si: H [19,20,34-36].

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