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By Gaston M. N'Guérékata

Almost Automorphic and virtually Periodic features in summary Spaces introduces and develops the speculation of just about automorphic vector-valued features in Bochner's experience and the examine of virtually periodic capabilities in a in the community convex area in a homogenous and unified demeanour. It additionally applies the implications bought to check virtually automorphic suggestions of summary differential equations, increasing the middle themes with a plethora of groundbreaking new effects and purposes. For the sake of readability, and to spare the reader pointless technical hurdles, the suggestions are studied utilizing classical tools of useful analysis.

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10 above). Therefore w+(x 0 ) is itself compact. 0 Theorem 2. } is invariant under the semigroup C. We recall also "ft(x 0 ) is relatively compact, since f(t) is almost automorphic. Proof: Let y E "ft(x 0 ). So there exists a E JR. such that y arbitrary a E JR. : a, we can write = f(a). For y = f(a) = T(a- a)f(a), since f is a complete trajectory (Theorem 2. 4). : 0. : 0. "ft(x 0 ) is indeed invariant under the semigroup C. 13 Let v(t) = infyEw+(xo) IIT(t)xolim v( t) t-++oo Yll· 0 Then = 0. Proof: Suppose not, that is, limt-++oo v(t) =j:.

Then i)f + g is almost periodic; ii) the function F : lR --t Ex E defined by F(t) = (ft(t), h(t)) is almost periodic. Proof: This is clear from the Bochner's criterion. I and h have common U-translation numbers. Proof: Let U be a neighborhood of the origin in E. I(t), h(t)) : lR --t E x E is almost periodic. Consider now sa U-translation number off; then f(t+s)- f(t) E UxU for every t E IR, and therefore fi(t + s)- fi(t) E U, i = 1, 2, for every D t E R. s is then a U-translation number of each J;, i = 1, 2.

R llf(t)ll = oo, so there exists a sequence ofreal numbers (s~) such that lillln-H"' llf(s~)ll = oo. Since f is weakly almost automorphic, we can extract a subsequence (sn) ~ (s~) such that weak- lim f(sn) =a exists. n-+oo (f(sn)) is then a weakly convergent sequence, hence it is weakly bounded and therefore bounded by Proposition 1. 16, this is a contradiction and the theorem is then proved. 1. = 25 Almost Automorphic Functions Proof: Since every weakly convergent sequence is bounded {Proposition 1.

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