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By Eugene Hudson Long, R. G. Collmer

Covers a various diversity of pursuits in American literature.

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It is true that many broad-minded people come from Texas, that many narrow, bigoted, and stupidly intolerant folk come from other states or have grown up right in New Mexico. But so many Texans come bringing that state's inability to forget the war with Mexico that New Mexico applies the term tejanos to all prejudiced newcomers. "11 After the town of Mora, New Mexico, had defended itself in 1843 against a Texan attacking force led by Charles H. , New Mexico: A Pageant of Three Peoples by Ema Fergusson (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1973), p.

He regretted, deeply and bitterly, the moral cowardice that had restrained his words, when he was about to disclose the truth to Dorcas; but pride, the fear of losing her affection, the dread of universal scorn, forbade him to rectify this falsehood. [X, 34849] Even though his common sense tells him that there was nothing he could have done about Roger, the "concealment had imparted to a justifiable act, much of the secret effect of guilt" and it becomes "like a serpent, gnawing into his heart" (X, 349, 350).

Page 23 published, in 1951, her New Mexico: A Pageant of Three Peoples. "9 Fergusson titles her three section headings simply Indian, Spanish, and Gringo. In her terminology, the Indian more or less assimilates with the Spaniard to become "Hispano"; everyone else is Anglo, she writes. But there is one Anglo offshoot she singles out for special consideration. That is the Texan, the tejano. Miss Fergusson explains the process: So far, New Mexico's record of fair dealing between peoples is better than that of its neighbors.

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