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American Tanks of worldwide battle II

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Exchange extended to related cultures located to the west and southeast of the primary Mississippian area, with types of items involved varying from region to region and site to site (Brose et al. 1985; J. Brown 1971, 1975, 1983; J. Brown et al. 1990; Cobb 1989; Curry 1950a, 1950b; Galloway 1989; Hamilton et al. 1974; Howard 1968; B. Jones 1982; Kneberg 1959; Muller 1987; Peebles 1971, 1978; Phillips and Brown 1978; Schambach 1990; Waring and Holder 1945; Willey and Phillips 1944; Williams and Brain 1983).

From small items like sandals and sashes, to bags and garments, to large fishing nets and mats, enough evidence has survived to hint at the magnitude of what has been lost. For the Mississippian, ceremonial regalia such as headdresses, tapestry mantles, and complex basketry containers have been recovered from elite mound burials at Spiro, plus lesser amounts from a few other sites like Etowah. More utilitarian fabric items have come from rock-shelters and caves at various locations, but little has been obtained from village contexts.

The Wickliffe site in the 1980s 24 6. Decorated weft-faced textile from Wickliffe 30 7. Rim sherd profiles from Wickliffe fabric-impressed pottery 35 8. Textile-impressed sherds and casts made from them 39 9. Twining structures 41 10. Interlacing and knotting structures 42 11. Twist angle chart 45 12. Sites yielding published information on Mississippian and related textile artifacts 59 13. Examples of twined bag construction on free-hanging warps 61 14. Plain-twined bag from Cliffty Creek Rock-shelter 62 15.

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