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By Ralph J. Bunche

Ralph Bunche, who bought the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950, traveled to South Africa for 3 months in 1937. His notes, which were skillfully compiled and annotated by means of historian Robert R. Edgar, supply particular insights on a segregated society.

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T. A. 47 Bunche had actually taught Padmore at Howard in the late 1920s, when Padmore was an organizer for the Communist Party. " Although Bunche mixed a lot with the Pan Africanists, he was not sympathetic to their ideas. Pan Africanism clashed with his class analysis and he considered it another variant of the racial chauvinism he Page 15 abhorred. " 48 He was also wary of the Pan Africanists' penchant for romanticizing the pre-colonial past and ignoring the authoritarian aspects of the "old despotisms," those African kingdoms in which blacks exploited other blacks.

17 Bunche leveled his sharpest criticism at reformist black organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Urban League whose focus on civil Page 8 and political rights won meager gains at too much cost and appealed more to the small black middle class than to the much larger black working class. " 18 He also disparaged former NAACP official W. E. B. DuBois's ideas on black self-determination as hopelessly misguided. "19 In addition, he belittled as an escapist fantasy the strategy of blacks advancing themselves through black-owned businesses.

Mentioned bands [o]f evil marauding natives ... of Joburg who run about sticking knives (I wonder) in defenseless women. My Jewish ping pong friend (whom I licked) claims Page 20 to be a negrophile. Has been to Cotton Club in Harlem and met Metcalf and Owens in a Negro nite club in Londonwas charmed by their modesty. 67 He thinks N. [Negro] has "something"a very elusive and undefinable something, that white man hasn't got. Says prob. isn't an indiv. onea man like himself may love Negroes, but must respect attitudes of his white friends.

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