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During this thesis, a number of facets of quadtree representations are analyzed. The quadtree is a hierarchical variable-resolution facts constitution appropriate for representing the geometric items of special effects, the polygonal maps of machine cartography, and the digitized photographs of desktop vision.The research of quadtrees is gifted in 3 parts:A) a proper semantics for quadtree algorithms,B) greater algorithms for manipulating the traditional area quadtree, andC) diversifications of the quadtree method to the duty of representing polygonal maps.

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In section 3 we show how the framework of Garg and Konemann can be adapted to our setting where multiple primal problems are being approximated using a single dual subroutine. e. C1 ≤ C2 ≤ . . ≤ Cn . We first use lemma 1 to describe the j-th candidate dual solution, x(j) : (j) (j) (j) x1 = x2 = . . = xj = j 1 j i=1 (j) Ci , and xi = 0 for i > j. Let Cj denote the quantity i=1 Ci . , xj = 1/Cj . This upper envelope solution has several desirable properties. First, it dominates all the candidate dual solutions Bandwidth Allocation in Networks 35 and hence, Pk (x) ≥ βk (l) for all 1 ≤ k ≤ n.

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