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By Kenji Nagasaka

Those lawsuits include invited papers through mathematicians reviewing the hot growth in analytic quantity concept and similar subject matters. Papers on Diophantine approximations, zeta features, Dirichlet L-functions, basic numbers, dispersion of multidimensional sequences, and Diophantine equations also are provided.

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Let S E SLm(Z),T E SLn(Z) and D be an (n,m) diagona integer elements such that A= SDT. Then ... _T)~.!!. is an L" -finite series and algebraic over linear form corresponding-to the real vector t(Ttg_). m,O, ... Is-'. m )- - , and it is algebraic by Corollary 2. J)· Let S be an element of SLm(Z), and g_' = g_('S)- 1 . 5 . 5 is L' - finite. Definition 4. Let-M be a subset in k((~))L. We say M is 88~J is contained in M whenever f is. We say that an element D- finite iff is contained in fJ -stable k(~)- finite submodule in Proposition 2.

T of our present paper is as follows. Theorem. Let K be a finite Galois extension over an A-field k with Let Fqlo be the field of constants of K, C a fixed conjugacy class If X is a positive real number larger than 136 2 (9K + IGI) 2 IGI 2 , prime divisor v E vk such that IIwl = 1,/w E c (v = wlk) and X< 2. Preliminaries For a proof of Bertrand-Tschebysheff Theorem in function field lemmas. Although some of them are well-known, we note them convenience. Lemma 1. (Riemann-Hurwitz formula) Let K be a finite separab A-field k with positive characteristic.

Des nombres reels positifs qui ne depende mais independants des parametres D,Q,N, V; (1 :5 i :5 m). Nous supposons pour P =/: 0 la negation de l'enonce : d( P) : on a d(P) < 1. x1~j9g I Sj I· Wo = s 1w 1 avec sb • • • , s2g E Z. x(N, ca des wb • • • ,W2g· Comme P =F 0, u; f. 1 de (H1] pour minorer II niDI+···+ nm s2gW2g II comme suit. 1 de (H1] de la mani mierement, soit K 0 un corps de nombres. Dans (H1], on introdu de:finis sur K 0 , en supposant, pour chaque -1 :5 i :5 k, que le que l'on :fixe dans un espace projectif et la base que l'on :fixe sur Ko.

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