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We convey into complete gentle a few excerpts on musical matters which have been in the past scattered in the course of the most famed medical texts. the most clinical and musical cultures outdoor of Europe also are considered. the 1st and most crucial estate to underline within the clinical texts tested here's the language they're written in. which means our multicultural heritage of the sciences inevitably additionally turns into a evaluate of some of the dominant languages utilized in the several historic contexts. during this quantity, the heritage of the advance of the sciences is advised because it occurred in genuine contexts, no longer in an alienated perfect world.

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3. 64 Gernet 1982 and Gernet 1989. 65 Dudink 2001, p. 213. Gernet 1982, passim. 66 Part I, Sect. 2. 63 30 8 Not Only in Latin, but also in Dutch, Chinese, Italian and German roots: the Bible. This was the setting of the famous story about the tree whose fruit Adam and Eve had been told not to eat. Otherwise, “your eyes would be opened and you would become like God, knowing Good and Evil”67 . However, this page presents something different from the current interpretation, which sustains a generic prohibition of knowledge.

The empire of the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), which we have already seen with prince Zhu Zaiyu, was about to come to an end in China, and the missionaries would have to face up to the relative court astronomers. But here, the political power was not in the hands of the Jesuits, as it was in the Papal States, with the consequences that we shall see. High imperial officials were converted to Christianity, and at the same time were instructed in the European sciences. With the help of one of them, Ricci had even succeeded in translating Euclid’s Elements (the first six books) into Chinese, under the title Jihe yuanben [The original roots of how much it is].

Galileo Galilei, Dialogo sui massimi sistemi, “Ultima giornata”; in Galileo Galilei 1996, II. 2 Reaping What Has Been Sown. Galileo Galilei, the Jesuits and the Chinese 27 Consequently, Galileo was not allowed to teach, defend, or in certain documents, even to discuss this doctrine. It is a particularly famous event, which has been the subject of numerous studies, although these hardly ever arrive at the same conclusions. And yet the story is often vulgarised as the clash between the obscurantism of the Roman Catholic Church and the light of scientific reason, or the attempt of political and religious power to prevent the freedom of research between the truth and error, and so on.

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