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The prisoners in question were a group of 1131 who had not been included in a previous man-for-man exchange with 71 Italian prisoners in Republican hands,32 as well as an undetermined number (Ambassador Weddell later found out that there were eight of them) who had to undergo criminal proceedings because they had been accused of various criminal activities. In this case it was not Matthews but the previous ambassador, Bowers, who sensed the turn things were going to take as soon as the war had finished.

109 Two days after the occupation, Prime Minister Chamberlain announced that he was not prepared to sacrifice the freedom of the United Kingdom in the interests of European peace. And less than two weeks later he committed his country to defending Poland, a country that Germany had already threatened and presented its territorial demands. This page intentionally left blank Chapter 2 Between Two Wars: From the Spanish Civil War to the Second World War (1 April– 1 September 1939) I      E, in April 1939, diplomatic relations were initiated between the United States of America and the Franco regime.

His first choice was the influential James Clement Dunn, adviser for Political Relations. However, although he was unable to acquire the services of his friends Alexander Kirk and Pierrepont Moffat for the post of counselor (the former was sent to Germany because he spoke good German and the latter already held the post of head of the Division of European Affairs), he was successful in recruiting Robert M. 50 38 Roosevelt and Franco and Second World War So, in April 1939, and after a great deal of personal effort (according to him, this was the only time he ever took steps to secure an appointment51), Weddell was given the post of ambassador in Madrid.

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