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This illustrated background of historic Rome is a finished advisor that takes readers during the levels that outfitted one of many maximum civilizations in historical past. From its origins to daily life to the Roman Empire, this ebook covers every thing a reader must find out about essentially the most enduring civilizations ever.

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In the center of the atrium was a basin (2), which collected rainwater through an opening in the roof (3). The dining room (triclinium) (4) was next to the garden, and was furnished with couches and small portable tables. In the adjacent kitchen (5), slaves prepared food. One or more of the rooms opening onto the street (6) might be rented to storekeepers. The domus was usually a single-story building, but some houses had a second story, which provided space for extra bedrooms (7). From the 2nd century BCE, the domus became more spacious.

Carthage An ancient city founded by the Phoenicians, who fought with Rome during the Punic Wars, and destroyed by Romans in 146 BCE. cavalry A group of soldiers that fights on horseback. Christianity The religion that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. colosseum The official name of the main amphitheater in Rome, which housed 50,000 spectators. currency A system of money used in a particular civilization or society. emperor The supreme ruler over an empire. empire A vast group of territories ruled by one government or ruler.

Wealthy citizens and families of long-standing lived in private dwellings (domus) in the more attractive parts of the city. But the majority of the population lived in large apartment blocks (insulae) in the poorer districts, where collapsing buildings and fires were a common problem. A census taken in Rome in the 2nd century CE recorded 1,797 domus and 40,602 insulae. Prosperous families often owned a to a lack of building land, housing in Rome developed upward. Apartment blocks were built around villa in the country as well as a house in the city.

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