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Bono could see that the people of third world, or developing, countries in Africa face many challenges. They have little access to nutritious food, clothing, shelter, health care, and education. Their governments are often corrupt, repressive, or deeply in debt to other countries. They are dependent on welfare programs and foreign aid. Third world countries have not developed the kinds of businesses, industries, and trade relationships that would enable them to support themselves and their people.

But he insists that it is not a one-man show. All of U2’s efforts have been a collaboration. “I need this band. The truth is I need them more than they need me. I’m a lousy guitar player and an even lousier piano player. Had I not got Edge close by who was an extraordinarily gifted complex musician, I would be hopeless. Had I not got Larry and Adam, the melodies would not be grounded. . ” He adds, “Four brains are better than one. It’s a lot less lonely and often much more fun. And . . it’s a rare privilege to be in the company of people who you started out with.

LIFE SKILLS BIOGRAPHIES: B 29 Bono and his wife, Ali, lived in a refugee camp for three weeks and gained a new understanding of the horror of poverty and disease. The year before The Joshua Tree made U2 international superstars, Bono received an invitation from the president of World Vision to join a relief work campaign in Ethiopia. Bono and his wife, Ali, spent three weeks living in a tent in a refugee camp, handing out food and clothing and medical supplies. They wrote little songs and stories and plays to teach the Ethiopian families about proper health care and hygiene.

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