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Using a screwdriver, carefully lever out the old oil seal,avoiding scratching or damaging the seal housing. 6. Clean the seal housing and crankshaft to remove all dirt and oil. 7. Smear clean engine oil on the seal Lips and position the seal squarely in the housing with the open side facing inwards. 8 . Using a hammer and tubular drift, gently tap the seal into the housing (Fig. C:26) until it is positioned flush with the end of the housing (Fig. C:2S). In this position, the new seal lip will be contacting an unworn section of the crankshaft boss.

Take care not to drop the clip. Re· move the washer and lift the moving contact from the pivot post. Remove the plug and retaining clip (2 in Fig. B: II). Disconnect the adjuster rod (3 in Fig. B: II) from the fIXed contact lug (5 in Fig. B: II). 4. Remove the screw (4) holding the fixed contact plate to the distributor base plate, then withdraw the contact plate . 5. Thoroughly clean the base plate to remove all traces of dirt and oil. Lightly smear the cam lobes with high melting point grease.

B:25 Tamperproof seal - Zenith carburettor B Fig. B:27 Tamperproof seal . Weber carbureUor Fig. B:28 Idle adjustment screws - Weber Tune-Up 35 In the UK, it is not a legal requirement for a new seal to be fitted once any adjustment has been carried out, however, in certain EEC countries the adjustment screws should be sealed. Special Tools Before attempting to tune the carburettor, you will need an accurate tachometer or rev-counter plus a vacuum gauge or Gunson's Colortune plug for checking and adjusting the mixture.

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