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James could have made something wonderful out of it. The stuffy cloistered house, the diplomat arriving home from years of service abroad, the patient, long-suffering woman living a circumscribed life on society's fringes - 'Something to Remember' reflects Pym's debt to James's novel of manners and allows her to deal artistically with disappointment in her personal life. Speaking to this issue of autobiographical characterisation, in a lecture given in the 1950s (MS Pym 98, fols 56-73) Pym told her audience: I think authors very seldom take a character straight from life, they are nearly always composite figures and the greatest source of material for character drawing is probably the author's own self.

What do you do about it? (AVPE, 314) Larkin and Pym shared a distaste for the idea of over-eager (usually American) graduate students building their careers on the shards of another's reputation. Several letters refer to the horror of being 'done' by the sort of archetypal academic that Larkin parodies in one of Pym's favorite poems: Posterity Jake Balokowsky, my biographer, Has this page microfilmed. Sitting inside His air-conditioned cell at Kennedy In jeans and sneakers, he's no call to hide Some slight impatience with his destiny: 'I'm stuck with this old fart at least a year; I wanted to teach school in Tel Aviv, But Myra's folks'- he makes the money sign'Insisted I got tenure.

29) an envelope containing a pressed flower and a blue handkerchief. 29 leaves' (MS Pym 146), her letters from Amery (MS Pym 147, fols 1-36), and the short story 'The Love of a Good Woman' (MS Pym 93). Before these restrictions were imposed, Kate Heberlein included in her dissertation a synopsis of this story, the only one of the collection now unavailable to scholars. The Early Work- Poems, Stories, Radio Plays 29 The first section, set in 1873, shows Julian Avery (not Amery) as a spoiled, selfish, cruel ten-year-old.

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