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By Michelle Pan


The fourth Twilight e-book is out, yet many arguable concerns stay unresolved and open to discuss. Now the committed Twihards at argue passionately approximately what rather occurred and what should have happened.

•Who should still Bella have ended up with, Jacob or Edward?
•Should Bella became a vampire?
•Which personality used to be miscast the main within the movies?
•If you'll be any Twilight personality, who may you be?
•Which motion picture has stayed more true to the book?
•Which occasion within the Twilight saga used to be the main surprising?
•Should Breaking Dawn have ended with a fight?
•Which character's tale could make the simplest sequel?
•Which vampire energy might you really have?

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Should Jacob have imprinted on Renesmee? Is there a significance to imprinting, or is it just plain creepy? Is Bella’s transition from phoenix to forks too unrealistic? Would Bella have been better off in phoenix or in forks? Is charlie swan a good dad? What is one major downfall of the series? What is the best thing about the Twilight saga? should Bella have ended up with Edward or Jacob? Would the series be as intriguing if Bella picked Jacob over Edward? Which event in the Twilight saga was the most surprising?

It is sometimes hard for me to distinguish between the two of them! Ashley may bring everything I imagined Alice to be, but she also brings a little fire to her character, some sassiness that Alice didn’t originally have. THE FINAL CALL When it comes to the cast, I’d have to say that the role of Alice was definitely the most accurately done. I didn’t know who Ashley Greene was when it was first announced that she got the role of Alice, but when I saw her picture I knew she was the perfect match.

He also scares you a bit, and James is supposed to do that. Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen Alex, 17, London, England Peter, not only because I feel he matches the physical description of Carlisle perfectly, but also because the aura produced by Peter on film is one of power, yet of calm control and understanding. He is able to seamlessly slip between father figure, doctor, and loving husband whilst maintaining the perfect level of continuity. In more intimate scenes, such as in the scene with Bella at the end of her birthday, he captures the intensity beautifully without it being overdone.

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