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The line of demarcation must be remembered that in the two presumptions it was actually for the prolongation of life that presented in the objection, the mutilation was allowed. Surely, tain it is illogical to measures to prolong sures to destroy it. Man argue that since his life, he may man is permitted to take cer- therefore sometimes take has only the use of his life, and when man meauses what belongs to another he has the obligation of taking ordinary care of it. When dealing with a human life, this ordinary care necessary mutilation for the preservation of that life.

Verified in practice. It is other earthly creation in Though his vegetative suous powers tend necessarily to his continued existence, yet his and sen- will is free work toward the common goal of a healthy life or to choose selfdestruction. The fact that society exists today indicates that man throughout the ages has chosen to live. Man's desire to live is indicated by the great care given human life, from prenatal care to the care given the aged either to throughout the world. Science has as in the social institutions goal the prolongation of life.

It is may be answer, however, is may life is life is has grave obligations, both to affixed thereto. Life for himself but also for the service of his fellow It that further be objected that even though is given a gift and not merely a God and man to not only man and God. God does have absolute JOSEPH 18 SULLIVAN V. dominion over man's member of that body thermore, it man may seems, man yet life, does presume the right to mutilate a when necessary tain limits, out of charity for his neighbor. permissible it might seem good of the whole.

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