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By Ferruccio Rossi-Landi

The Italian thinker F. Rossi-Landi (1921-1985) performed pioneering paintings within the philosophy of language. His examine is characterized through a critique of language and beliefs in terms of signal construction approaches and the method of social replica. Between symptoms and Non-Signs is a set of 14 articles through Rossi-Landi written among 1952 and 1984 and offers an outline of his contribution to the philosophy of language and his critique of Charles Morris, Wittgenstein, Bachtin, and his Italian contemporaries. it's actually a venture initiated by means of the writer and now posthumously accomplished via the editor, with an entire bibliography of Rossi-Landi's large paintings. Susan Petrilli's advent provides a clean view of the significance of Rossi-Landi's paintings to fashionable serious idea.

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By G. J. Ph. Verene. : Humanities Press. 1983. Vico and Marx. Ed. by G. Tagliacozzo. : Humanities Press. White, Hayden, V. 1978. Tropics of Discourse. Essays in Cultural Criticism. Baltimore: Hopkins. 2. 1 A Personal Premise In preparing some remarks about the writings of Charles Morris which are re­ printed in this volume [cf. Morris 1971b],1 I have encountered a particular difficulty, in addition to those common to this sort of enterprise. Since its consequences are going to creep up anyhow in these pages, I may as well declare what the difficulty is at the beginning, even though this may have a personal ring which is usually better excluded from scientific discourse.

When we examine the meaning of an expression from the point of view of its relations with other expressions (syntactic dimension), with the things meant (semantic dimension) and with those who make use of it (pragmatic dimen­ sion), said Morris, we open the path to its full determination. In traditional empiricism three principal defects could be found: the insufficient justice accorded to formal sciences, the inability to connect an empirical theory of 22 BETWEEN SIGNS AND NON-SIGNS meaning to a naturalistic cosmology, and the tendency to subjectivism.

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