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In one place we are told that Jesus stayed in Peter’s house and then healed a leper (Mk :-), while in another we are told that he healed the leper and then went in Peter’s house (Matt :-, :). On one hand we are told that the centurion spoke personally to Jesus (Matt :); in a complete contradiction to this we are told that the centurion sent people on his behalf to speak to Jesus (Lk :). In the Gospel of Mark we are told that Jesus left Tyre and passed through Sidon on his way to the Sea of Galilee (Mk :).

God apparently thinks so.  Was the Buddha just? He had attained the freedom of enlightenment and taught others how they too could attain this same freedom. Unlike God, he was not primarily a lawgiver, a judge, or one who metes out punishment. He was a teacher. In all his dealings with people he was fair, mild and merciful and he encouraged his followers to act in a like manner. If someone did wrong he said that one should not rush to judge or punish them. When you are living together in harmony, a fellow monk might commit an offence, a transgression.

Is is not to say that he didn’t exist but only that there is no independent evidence that he did. rophecies about and by esus () Every time there is a change in the turbulent politics of the  Middle East, fundamentalist Christians will open their Bibles and loudly proclaim that the newest crisis has been foretold or prophesied centuries ago. ese so-called prophecies are bandied about for a while and then quietly dropped when they don’t come to completion in the way the Christians claimed they would.

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