You are Moving Out? Start your End of Tenancy Cleaning from the Living Room

You are finally moving out and there is one little thing you need to do before you could leave this place and make a home from another one. And unfortunately, this little detail is so scaring, unpleasant and harsh that can kill your enthusiasm and ruin your entire move out. However, it could be not that bad if you prepare yourself for this entire process in advance. And by preparing I don’t mean that you should start mourning a month or two earlier, but you have to do some real work. And as the living room is our favourite place at home, why not start with it? It made your stay in this home a real pleasure. It was cosy and nice and the cuddles and the wonderful time spent there with family and friends would be indeed remembered.

But though we all hire one of the best London’s cleaners for that stuff called an end of tenancy clean-up, and though these guys are wizards, we need to prepare our home for their arrival. And no, not because, they need it, but because, if we ease their work, they will be able to focus on the real problems with greater attention. And that’s an incredibly good idea.

The sofa

If you have bought this one and you are about to move it in your new place, you better try packing it somehow earlier and plan its transportation. If not, you better know that the couch will be inspected, as well. And this means that you should check it for stains and know if there are some. So when the professional team arrives, you will simply tell them what and where to clean and it will be much easier for you both.

The coffee-table

Here the situation is similar. And it could be even harder because if you are taking this one with you, it is most probably fragile and its delivery to your new house will be much more difficult. Luckily, the cleaning of the coffee-table is not a harsh task and for the pros, it is a child’s play. So leave this one for them, they will perfect it in seconds, using some magical, strong and efficient cleaning products.

The carpet

This one is the nightmare itself because if you try convincing me that your carpet is in a perfect condition with no spot and stain after you have lived in this house for ages, there is no way I could believe. It is so damn hard, maintaining this. And if you haven’t hired professionals regularly to keep this in a nice condition, I bet that they have to spend a lot of time cleaning it now.

The shelves

The cleaning of those is not a difficult task, but most probably they are full of stuff you need to pack. So make sure that by the arrival of the cleaning team, everything will be all right.

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