How To: Cleaning the Christmas Day’s Mess

It is charming and, oh, so lovely. The entire family is gathering together, exchanging gifts and presents. Everybody is wearing a Christmas jumper. The smiles are wide. The laughs loud and the happiness perfect. The hearts are full of joy and the eyes are sparkling. There is magic in Christmas and it is not the Father Christmas and the reindeers, but it is all about the love and the commitment that is so perfectly wonderful. So the Christmas lunch is over. The plates are empty and so are the glasses. And one by one the so loved and favourite people are leaving the house and going to another festive place to celebrate with other people they love so much. And right before you can leave, as well, you need to sort out that mess in a minimum amount of time and to make your house ready for other guests.

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In any other day, you have the entire time on Earth, but today you have to be so damn fast. That’s why you better start decluttering the most obvious things while the house is still full of people and crowded. Gather all the pieces of wrapping paper that are somewhere on the floor and put everyone’s presents in nice bags.

Wash the dishes  

Luckily, we all have dishwashers now and after 20 have had a lunch together you won’t have to cope with the dishes in hours. So put them in the machine and those that cannot be placed there clean by yourself. Make sure that you will do this in advance so that when more people come over, you will be all ready.

Arrange everything nicely  

Those pillows on the couch are а mess and the carpet is not like it has to be. Arrange them now.

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