Interior design tricks: create a library corner at home

What gives a spirit to your home are some little details that make it different, make it stand out, but be all yours. Your frames with photos from your childhood on, from the adventures you shared with your beloved ones and the joy that overwhelmed you, when your family was getting bigger. The pieces of art that define you are a lot more than things hanging on the walls. They make your home so cosy and lovely.

That home is a place to be nostalgic for, to come back with love and desire, to suffer when leaving and to smile, while coming back to.

And there is something more you can add that will improve it even more. This is something you can create when you need a place to store your books, those that changed your life and inspired you. But when you find the shelves too boring and the boxes too limiting, this is what you should do.

Create a library corner at home.

Choose a space, where you could place a couple of shelves, two big armchairs and to have at least one empty wall. And if this space is a corner, it would be even better. Then paint the walls in that corner in a different colour, something pastel. After that, put the shelf and the books. The overall result will be much better if they all are old. Go to an antique shop and even to flea markets and find a piece of furniture with a history. The armchairs should be big and cosy and you have to put a lot of cushions on them. Last but not least, put handwritten quotes of your most favourite books in frames and arrange them nicely and differently on the wall. It would be magical.


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